Summer Styles!
JULY 2009
The eager market for lightweight, high style and natural fiber bags cannot be satiated! This year, 2009, Tiki Totes & Bags has expanded its collection with new year-round style bags and zoris.

Press Coverage:

Press Coverage


Stylish and practical with a conscience.
We at Tiki Totes & Bags hope to provide products that complement your chic, practical and socially responsible lifestyle. These brightly colored open-weaves will grab others’ attention while the durable strength of bariw or intricately knotted natural abaca will stay standing for years. We support home-based family businesses in the Philippines and environmental ethics.


Maybe it started with my annual trips home to visit family in the Philippines.
While traveling around and visiting exotic landscapes, I would be reminded about the old Philippine villages I saw as a child and their long tradition of weaving. Family members weaved together and sometime in communal weaving areas. The items were made mainly for local needs overlooked by tourists and traders. There were many benefits for these families weaving at home, except there was not much money in making bariw sleeping mats to support the family. The villagers started to go to the cities to find work, putting a strain on the family. I empathize these families because I too had to leave my family to work and provide (but that’s another story).

A tradeshow visit in Manila reintroduced me to the naturally beautiful fiber bags I was fascinated by as a child. It was rediscovered. I started thinking about the value of the villagers’ crafty weave work, their use of raw materials, and the possibility of removing them from the city, away from sweatshops and the grinding poverty. Then it dawned on me: if I sold these bags in the states, then I can bring a small benefit back to my home.

That was the beginning of Tiki Totes & Bags.